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Shirt:: American Eagle (similar here)     Shorts:: American Eagle     Shoes:: Target     Necklace:: ILY Couture (sample sale!)     Ring:: H and M     Watch:: Fossil

Well hello there!  Long time, no see!  September ended up being a crazy busy month, good busy, but crazy none the less.  I went back to Minnesota for the first week of September to visit my family.  We stayed at my sister’s house for the first half of my trip, which was super fun!  I was honestly really looking forward to some cool fall weather, but apparently Minnesota had different plans for me.  The first couple of days were hot and humid (like, I thought I left Florida for a minute, but the humidity followed me anyways).  We had yummy Mexican food and margaritas at a place called Acapulco for lunch and did some shopping at Marshalls, Home Goods and Michaels.  They literally have the best Home Goods in Fargo, so I was a tiny disappointed that I couldn’t fit a couch or something into my suitcase!  So clothing it was, but hey, I won’t complain about that at all!  Most of our trip we did a lot of relaxing and hanging out and drinking tons of Caribou Coffee, since I don’t have it here in Florida(yet, anyways!)

Since it was raining that day, which can get a bit chilly up there, I pulled out my denim button up and paired it with some super soft, bright shorts to brighten up the dreary day 🙂  I paired it with these amazing pointy toe flats that I got on sale at Target, they happen to be the very last pair and in my size!!  I was so excited!  My nieces just happen to have the cutest beach cruiser bikes, so naturally we had to ride them and include them in my pictures.  One of the bikes matched my shoes, so you know, color coordination to the max.

Thank you to my amazing bff Miranda for taking these pictures and being such a pro photographer 🙂


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