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The other day I had one of the best coffee dates I’ve probably ever had! I met my friend Tera, who coincidentally moved from Minnesota to Florida the exact same day we did (so crazy, right?). We worked together in Minneapolis, but are now a couple of hours apart, so this coffee date was much needed!  I don’t know what it is about sitting outside, drinking delicious Starbucks and chatting with a friend, but it just brings out some life musings.  We talked about where life is taking us, and why.  We talked about putting ideas out there, in order for those ideas to take root, and start happening!   It was one of those mornings that keeps inspiring me to try new things, whether big or small, because every little thing we try adds all kinds of new experiences and may even open new doors we didn’t even see 🙂

Starbucks Outfit 001

Starbucks Outfit 013

Starbucks Outfit 016

Starbucks Outfit 019

Starbucks Outfit 024

Starbucks Outfit 035

I decided to try this braid out that I’ve been seeing all over my Instagram, I like to call it the bubble braid 🙂  It’s a mix between a fishtail and regular braid in each little “bubble”.  I love the messiness of it!

Crop Top:: PacSun     Shorts::  DIY Goodwill     Sneaks::  H&M     Lipstick::  Sephora Collection Lipstick-Unfaithful



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