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Sunday Scrubday

Happy Sunday!!!

So any of you ladies out there consider Sunday your day for a deep conditioning hair mask, a face mask, and body scrubbing?  I know I do!  I look forward to Sundays anyways, but there’s just something great about being all scrubbed and moisturized that makes me feel like I’m ready for the coming week.

Like I have my priorities straight.

Like I’m on my A-game.

That may seem like a slight exaggeration, but I promise these scrubs will make you feel like you’re in a brand new skin!  I love, love, love Lush’s Ocean Salt Cleanser, but it’s a bit out of my budget sometimes, so I decided to try my hand at a homemade body scrub, that’s similar to Lush’s scrub, in that it’s more natural ingredients, so you’re not scrubbing your skin with chemicals (sad face).

I didn’t want to go to the store to buy anything extra for my scrub (lazy?), so I used what I had at home already!  I wanted to make some wintery scrubs, but unfortunately I don’t have peppermint oil in my pantry at all times…So I ended up with a lime body scrub!  It legit smells like vacation, it’s soo yummy!  My skin was glowing and my smeller was happy with lime goodness.



Coconut Lime Body Scrub:

3/4 c. Sugar

1/4 c. Coconut Oil

Zest of one lime

juice of one lime

Mix all together, you can change the measurements a bit to get to your desired consistency.  Then it’s time to scrub!

So being I got so excited about the body scrub, I had to also make a lip scrub!  I’ve found my lips get extra dry the more I wear lipstick, and I had heard a lipscrub is a must before every lipstick application.  Let’s be real though, it would be a miracle to be able to do it that often, so Sunday Scrubday, will be The Day. 🙂  This lip scrub ended up being a bubble gum flavor (to die for)!  I’m so excited for you guys to try them out!



Bubblegum Lip Scrub:

2 tsp. Coconut Oil

1/4 c. sugar

1/2 tsp. Almond Extract

10 drops Vanilla Essential Oil (I used Aveda’s)

1 drop red food coloring (optional, if you want to keep it cleaner, leave it out)

Mix together and put into a cute little jar, and scrub!



>>Don’t Quit Your Daydreams<<







T-Shirt:: DIY     Skirt::  Macy’s (on sale now!)     Booties::  JCPenney    Bracelet::  Heartbreaker    Rings::  Charming Charlies     Polish:: My Vampire is Buff

Being it’s the beginning of a new year, or you know 15 days into it….I thought this shirt was totally appropriate! I love the feeling of starting a brand new year.  It’s the same as changing over to the next month, any other month, but when December turns into January, there’s just a feeling of newness and new motivation!  This quote caught my eye, and totally fit my blog. It got me thinking about how many dreams and goals we all have, be it new resolutions, daily or monthly goals, or just new journeys we would like to embark on.  Part of the reason I named this blog Daydreams and Beach Scenes was because I had been wanting to start a blog for years, and it had only been a daydream for the longest time.  Moving to Florida motivated me to make that dream a reality and the Beaches part just seemed to fit perfectly (like it rhymed…and I love the beach 🙂 ).  So here’s to a new year of daydreams, goals, and new beginnings 🙂

My goal for this year is to just be happy in the moment, and to try as many new adventures as possible

As for this tee….who knew how fun screen printing could be?!  I went on to make my quote with cute lettering, mirrored the image, and printed it onto transfer paper for light clothing, cut out your quote or picture, or whatever thing your heart desires to put on a t-shirt and iron on!  Easy peasy, and you have your own custom shirt for a fraction of the price! Love.

Anddd, how fun is this cupcake skirt?

1. The fact that it’s called a cupcake skirt makes my heart happy!

2. I also bought it in red….because why not?

Hope you’re all having a great Friday!


Beachin’ It

Since it’s still full blown summer here, I thought I’d share another cute beachy outfit that keeps you nice and cool 🙂  I love wearing white in the summer, it’s so fresh and crisp looking.  Plus it looks great with a tan!  These shorts are another DIY that Izzy and I did on her last visit here.  We went to Goodwill and shopped for the worst looking “mom-jeans” (the longer the zipper, the better!) to make some high-waisted shorts.  This is what you’ll look like in the dressing room….


I don’t think we ended up buying these particular ones, but we ended up with about 5 pairs each and spent about $25!  SOO inexpensive!  Here’s a pair that I dipped in a bleach water mixture, I love how they turned out, and were literally the easiest thing ever!

BlogPost1 035

BlogPost1 046

BlogPost1 055

BlogPost1 085

BlogPost1 101

BlogPost1 095

Tank:: Forever 21     Shorts:: DIY (ideas here and here)     Sandals:: Forever 21     Sunglasses::  Forever 21     Bracelet::  Pac Sun (Loving this one! )


Try it Thursday – Swimsuit Organizing

One of my very favorite things to do is organizing 🙂  I will randomly decide one day that something in my home isn’t quite organized enough.  It’s usually a result from being annoyed that I can’t find something I need immediately!  So I was perusing Pinterest yet again, and saw a pin where someone used an over the door shoe organizer for their socks and undies.  I thought it was super clever and decided to steal the idea and organize my swimsuits!  You don’t quite realize how many swimsuits you have until you actually take them out of the drawer pile(where you can literally never find the one piece you are looking for) and put them in a pretty, easy to see “swimsuit organizer”.  I  LOVE it.  Easy to do, inexpensive, and I love that its clear so you can see each swimsuit.


Shoe Organizer::  Walmart