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Kimono::  Gypsy 05 via Zou Zou Boutique    Tank::  Heartbreaker    Shorts::  One Teaspoon via Zou Zou Boutique    Necklace::  Target    Sandals::  Target    Purse::  Charlotte Russe    Sunnies::  Sunglass Spot    Nail Polish::  Eleccio in Sky in Cusco

Happy Saturday!!  It is still boiling hot down here in Florida…actually I think it’s supposed to be getting hotter still, lol.  I never thought, growing up in Minnesota that I would say that I look forward to the winters!!  It is such an odd thing for me to wish for winter, when 90% of my life I was always wishing for summer, but here I am, wishing for it 😀  When Zu and I took these pictures, it felt like it was 120 degrees out, it may have been actually!  I’ve found that I really miss layering.  It was always so easy to layer in Minnesota, being I was always cold.  All year long.

I was really excited to find this super lightweight kimono from Zou Zou Boutique!!  It has been the perfect layering piece for the summer, without feeling like I’m dying with a sweater on.  I love this whole look, it’s very boho and comfy at the same time.  I had been searching for some cute easy gladiators, and spotted them at Target!  You will probably be seeing a whole lot of these guys, they are actually super similar to the Steve Madden gladiators, but at a fraction of the price!

Any of my fellow Floridians excited the summer heat is coming to an end soon-ish? 😀

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Maxi Must Have!













Maxi Skirt:: Windsor    Tank:: Hurley (similar here)    Hat:: American Eagle (similar here)    Necklace:: The Vintage Gypsy    Lippie:: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

When my sister and her girls came to visit a few months ago, we went to visit Daytona Beach!  Whenever I go anywhere near Daytona, I always have to stop at the Windsor Store to check out their newest goodies!  If you haven’t heard of Windsor, you must check them out!  I first discovered them online, because the nearest store to Minneapolis was not close at all 😀  So when we moved to Orlando and I saw they had a store less than an hour away, I was SO excited!  I’m not a huge online shopper, only because I feel like I need to always try on, because most clothing is a hard fit for me!  So when we checked it out, I found this absolutely stunning black maxi skirt.  I had my eye on something like this on Pinterest for a very, very long time, and I finally found one that was really long, and fit super nicely!  I paired it with a tank and did a little front knot.  I like that it kind of dresses it down, but I also love that this skirt is so versatile (I also clearly love twirling in it too 😀 )!  It’s cute like this, with a crop top, or with a skirt tucked into it!  This has definitely been in my weekly rotation recently.  I added a hat and this amazing necklace that I got from a little boutique in Minneapolis, to give it a boho type of look!

Thank you Zuzana for the amazing pics! XO

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Floral Dress Obsessed!



Dress::  Marshalls    Shoes::  Nordstrom Rack    Ring::  Zou Zou Boutique    Necklace::  Forever 21 (loving this one)    Lippie::  Sephora

Happy Hump Day!!  I hope your week has been going well so far, and I hope that the rest of the week flies by for you!!  I have been loving florals lately, especially floral dresses for the Spring/Summer season….not exactly ground-breaking I know (totally reminds me of the scene in The Devil Wears Prada, anyone else remember that part?? :))  but I’m absolutely loving the bigger floral prints in fun vivid colors!!  We have been under a hurricane watch here, but it died down by the time it reached land, so it’s just been raining and gloomy the past couple of days.  It makes for some good “snuggle up and read a book days”, but I thought this would brighten things up a bit!  This dress is a great pick-me-up on a gloomy day, and super easy to wear.  The cut on the top of this floral dress is really flattering, so it will definitely be one of my go-to dresses for this summer!  I can’t wait for our sunshine to come back though!!  Hope you guys are having a sunny day wherever you are!

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Sunday Funday!


As you may have figured out by now, Sunday’s are pretty much my favorite day ever!  There’s something about Sunday’s that just scream “relax!”  I like to keep my outfits more relaxed on the weekends as well, just to have a bit of a break, you know?!  So a few weeks ago, my hubby and I cleaned out our closet, which was SO needed!  Mind you, we have only been in this place for less than 2 years, and we already felt like we needed a good spring closet cleaning!  It literally took the whole day, but in the long run it is 100 times better when trying to find what you’re looking for!  You guys, I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I usually pack as many clothes into the closet as I can , which makes everything jammed and hard to pull any hangers out when needed!  So I decided that in order to keep my sanity that I needed to have some space in between all of the hangers!  And you know what?  It’s literally genius….I may be really late to this game, but I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me earlier!

Anyways, the point of my story was that I re-found this super cute jersey dress hidden in the back of my closet!!  I love when you have hidden gems like this in your closet, it’s almost like you went shopping for free!  I took this cute little jersey dress out to brunch and for a little walk with my hubby.  I paired it with my white converse and studded crossbody for a little bit of an edge!

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Dress::  Costco (who would have guessed, right? lol(similar here))    Purse:: Buckle (loving this one!)    Sneaks::  Converse    Bracelet::  Heartbreaker (similar here)    Sunnies::  Forever 21 (similar here)    Lipstick::  Sephora in Belle